1 Change the sentences into Indirect Speech 1 “If I go back

1. Change the sentences into Indirect Speech

1. “If I go back, my parents won’t let me go out”, the boy said to his friend. The boy told his friend, that if he went back, his parents wouldn’t let him go out.
2. Barry asked me, “How long have you been waiting for your friend?” Barry asked me how long I had been waiting for my friend.
3. Jack asked Sam, “Are you doing anything this evening?” Jack asked Sam if he was doing anything that evening.
4. She said, “I don’t know where I have lost my hotel key” She said that she didn’t know where she had lost her hotel key.
5. He said, “I’ll stay here until I settle this problem”. He said that he would stay there until he settled that problem.
6. “Don’t go near the dog”, he said to his friend. He told his friend not to go near the dog.
7. “Give me a lift to the city, please”, she asked me. She asked me to give her a lift to the city.
8. “Don’t ask me stupid questions”, said Susan. Susan ordered not to ask her stupid questions.
9. I asked him, “What are you looking at?” I asked him what he was looking at.
10. “They are getting married tomorrow”, he said. He said that they were getting married the next day.
11. “I have come here to meet Jane”, he said to me. He told me that he had come there to meet Jane.
12. “I’ve heard about this incident before”, she said. She said that she had heard about that incident before.
13. “I will never finish this work if you don’t give me a hand”, she said. She said that she would never finish that work if you didn’t give her a hand.
14. “Don’t lend anything to him”, he advised us. He advised us not to lend anything to him.
15. “Oh, it is so difficult for you”, she said, “Shall I help you?” She exclaimed that it was too difficult for me, offering to help.
16. “Which school do you go to?” he asked me. He asked me which school I went to.
17. “Me? No, I didn’t take Sue’s calculator”, said Bob. Bob denied having taken Sue’s calculator.
18. “How long have your parents worked for the company?” he asked. He asked how long my parents had worked for the company.
19. “I have left a message for him, but he hasn’t phoned yet”, she said. She said that she had left a message for him, but he hadn’t phoned yet.
20. “I think I’ll take the brown pair”, said the customer. The customer said that he/she would take the brown pair.
21. “I’ll call off the football match, if you don’t behave”, the teacher said. The teacher threatened to call off the football match, if we didn’t behave. or
The teacher said that he would call off the football match if we didn’t behave.
22. “We’ll be waiting at the station when you arrive”, they said to me. They promised me to wait at the station when I arrive. or
They promised me that they would be waiting at the station when I arrive.
23. Liz asked: “Are you seeing the manager tomorrow?” Liz asked if I was seeing the manager next day.
24.” Will you come to see us at the weekend?” they asked me. They invited me at the weekend. Or
They asked me if I would come to see them at the weekend.
25. “What is the toy made of?” the boy asked. The boy asked what the toy was made of.
26. “Come and have a look at my new bike”, Eric said to me. Eric offered me to come and have a look at his new bike.
27. “Do you know the cause of the fire?” asked the policeman. The policeman asked if I knew the cause of the fire.
28. “I’m afraid I’ll be late for dinner”, said Mary. Mary said that she would be late for dinner.
29. “Why haven’t you had your breakfast yet?” mother asked me. Mother asked me why I hadn’t had my breakfast yet.
30. “What do you think the weather will be like tomorrow?” my sister asked me. My sister asked me what the weather would be like next day.
31. “I’m going to the cinema tonight. Will you go with me?” said Barry – “No, I’ve seen this film twice,” said Ann. Barry said that she was going to the cinema that night, suggesting me to go with him. I refused, explaining that I had seen that film twice.
32. “Will you recognize him if you see him again?” she asked me. She asked me if I would recognize him if I saw him again.

2. Choose appropriate modal verbs

1. Jane was absent for three weeks. She must have been seriously ill.
2. He can’t have been a murderer as he has an excellent alibi.
3. Mary has made an invention. She must be very intelligent.
4. I haven’t seen our neighbours for ages. They must have gone away.
5. I’m absolutely sure that those terrible things he says can’t be true.
6. This hat doesn’t suit you. You should buy another.
7. Why are you so late? – I’m sorry, but I had to wait for the bus very long.
8. Hurry up. They must be waiting for us already.
9. You needn’t have walked there. You could have taken a bus.
10. We were to leave on Monday but because of two days’ delay with the visas we had to book tickets for Wednesday.
11. Why are you so late? – Sorry, I had to wait for the bus very long.
12. They were to marry next week, but now they have seriously quarreled and the wedding has been cancelled.
13. You should have left a note. It was very stupid of you not to do so.
14. He can’t have returned yet, he left only a couple of days ago.
15. The weather forecast is not very good. It might rain this afternoon.
16. You needn’t have spent all the money. Now we’ve got nothing left.
17. I should have done it. It was my duty to do it but I didn’t.
18. He can’t be working in the garden. It is raining heavily.
19. I thought he had lost his key and he kicked the door down. He needn’t have done it as he found it in his bag 15 min later.
20. The fire spread around the building very quickly but everyone was able to escape.
21. He should do morning exercises every day because he is very unfit.
22. She might have already come but I’m not sure.
23. It was arranged he was to attend two meetings next week.
24. Can it be only six o’clock?
25. He knew he didn’t have to explain anything to anyone.

3. Translate from Russian into English.

3.1. The Sequence of Tenses and Indirect Speech.

I was sure that he was sorry for writing her.
He said that he preferred vegetarian dishes.
We hoped (that) it would be a very interesting meeting.
She was worried as she was unaware (didn’t know) whether children would be pleased with her presents.
We asked how long the journey would last. (We asked how much time the journey would take.)
He informed us that the results would be announced in an hour.
She said that she would phone us as soon as she returned from business trip.
He asked what I was going to do at the weekend.
He explained us that when we had phoned him he was still sleeping and hadn’t heard a call.
They said that they had never been there before.
Do you know whose car it is?
I was asked if I knew anything about the author of that project.
I wonder what films she likes.
Do you know where she lives?
I said that I had already read that article and would refer to it in my report.
He claimed that I had a mistake in computations (calculations, accounts).
He asked me what I was doing at that time and if I was going to look for a new job.
I said that I always dreamt of having a dog.
I felt that she was angry at me.
He reported us that he had already booked tickets.
She asked me if I liked such songs.
I understood that he would do nothing to help us.
I guessed what she was thinking about.
She said that she would certainly watch the play as soon as she had free time.
I said that I wasn’t sure if I could recognize that man, because I didn’t remember well how he looked like.

3.2. Subjunctive Mood

But for you I don’t know what I would do now.
If I hadn’t worried so much, I would have answered better.
If I were you I would hurry, otherwise you might be late.
I would show you the city with great pleasure, if I weren’t busy now.
If he had been an honest person, he wouldn’t have done it.
Hadn’t he been so inattentive, he wouldn’t have left the papers at home. It would always happen to him! (Things always happen to him)
If he had a sense of humour, he wouldn’t have taken offence. You’d better apologize.
What would you do if you were asked for help?
Would you feel better now if you had gone to bed earlier?
If you like the film I will go and watch it too.
What will you do if you don’t get the papers in time?
If we fail to find a room at the hotel, we will stay at our friends’ house (stay with our friends).
If it weren’t so late, I would phone her now.
If he weren’t so gifted, he wouldn’t have been proposed such job.
I wish I could tell you about it.
If we had met earlier, everything would be different now.
But for the mass media, we wouldn’t have got to know about these events.
I wish we had flown by airplane; we would have saved much time.
Your work wouldn’t have been accepted even if you had done it over.
I wish you had seen the letter. It would have explained everything to you.
If you had prepared everything yesterday, we wouldn’t be in a hurry and nervous now.
If you really enjoyed reading, you would have found time and read this novel long time ago.
He would feel and behave in a different way, if the circumstances were different.
I sometimes wish I hadn’t written this book.
You wouldn’t understand how difficult it was for me even if I told you everything.
If I didn’t know him so well, I wouldn’t believe what he has just told me.
If he knew well at least one language, he would certainly be appointed to this job.
If you had put the book in its place, it would be here now.
If your offer had been prepared in time, we would be able to start supplies now.
If only I could stay here forever!
If only you had seen him at that moment!
I wish I could follow you advice, but I’m afraid it’s impossible.

3.3. Modal verbs

I can’t be wrong! (I can’t be making a mistake)
You might have heard his name.
There may be nobody there.
I can’t trust him.
This point is inessential; it could be omitted in the report.
You could have let me know earlier, I relied on your support.
He knew that he didn’t have to (didn’t need to) explain anything to anybody.
We were to have met at 6, but he was late, and I had to wait for him for about an hour.
I have no choice and I have to accept this offer.
He can’t have gone, it is still too early.
You ought to have phoned her and clarify everything in advance, now I don’t know what you can do.
Can he have changed so much that you failed to recognize him?
She might have been to a concert but I didn’t see her.
You shouldn’t have worried so much, she completes everything in time.
It can’t be truth?
He may be there tomorrow and you will be able to speak to him personally.
It was so near that everybody agreed that we didn’t need to take a car.
He must have persuaded them to go with us.
According to the contract, goods are to be delivered not later than next week.
You must remain at this place until you get further instructions.
Where are my glasses? I must have left them at home.
You’ll have to speak to him personally.
Who was to have met you?
Can you have seen me there?
She must have failed to warn you in time.
You must be unaware of all the details of this incident.
They must have thought that we wouldn’t come in such a heavy rain.
I should have told you long time ago, you have always signified so much for me.
You needn’t (don’t have to) come tomorrow, I’ll be busy.
He couldn’t have been more than 30 years old, when we made the acquaintance.
Could you have waited for me all that time?
You can’t have disliked this film!
This exam I am to take in a week.
Can they be waiting for us?
You shouldn’t have written him about that, he will worry now.
You could have told me, that you would be late!

4. Translate from English into Russian.

жилой район
бетонная поверхность
меблированная гостиная с питанием и обслуживанием
ужинать при свечах
аванс, первый взнос
газон, лужайка
ежегодная рента
закладная, ипотека
строительные материалы
жить на окраине (города)
постоянное место жительства
огороженный сад
сдаваемая в наем комната
жить в маленькой хижине на берегу реки
Каковы условия вашей ренты? – 200$ в неделю включая услуги прачечной
Этот шкаф из орехового дерева сочетается с кроватью и туалетным столиком.
Каждая из спален имеет большой встроенный гардероб, поэтому нет необходимости в отдельном шкафе.
Сколько Ваше агентство берет за услуги? Сумма платы агентству равна месячной ренте.
Многие люди предпочитают покупать дом в пригороде.
Это было двухэтажное здание с чердаком.
Дом имел кирпичные станы, черепичную кровлю и глубокую террасу, которая простиралась через весь фасад.
Возле дома находился фруктовый и овощной сад.
Окна гостиной выходили на долину.
Бывший владелец только что выехал, поэтому в апартаментах небольшой беспорядок
Этот долгосрочный заем должен выплачиваться с процентами более 25 лет.
Дайте мне знать, когда строители, плотники, водопроводчики начнут работать.
На кухне есть дверь, ведущая в подвал.
Сколько Ваше агентство берет за услуги? Сумма платы агентству равна месячной ренте.
Книжные полки были везде, вместе с цветами в горшках и высокими латунными лампами.
Агент по продаже недвижимости берет от 1 до 2 процентов от цены продажи имущества за свои услуги.
Внешность обманчива, порядочное лицо может скрывать подлую душу (сущность)
Невежественный (необразованный) недалекий человек.
Она достаточно расточительная, небрежная и непослушная
Она просто болтушка, хотя достаточно умная.
Один из его сотрудников был агентом по продажам в команде и, ожидалось, что он беспристрастный и практичный. Наоборот, у него так часто менялось настроение, что он был полностью непредсказуемым. Иногда он казался добросердечным, самокритичным, замкнутым.
Он спортивный, щедрый, надежный, остроумный, сговорчивый.
Высокое чувство собственного достоинства.
Она не та женина, с которой легко ладить: она высокомерная, безответственна, жадная и двуличная.
Вдобавок к эгоизму, он лентяй и хвастун.
Они являются странной парой. Она полна радости и всегда в веселом настроении, тогда как он кажется настолько мрачным, безразличным и удрученным.
Говорят, что Овны могут быть властными, раздражительными и в тоже время щедрыми и чувствительными. Козероги обычно терпимы, нежные, мягкие и иногда даже застенчивые, тогда как Скорпионы часто жестокие, властные, страстные и даже жестокие.

5. Translate from Russian into English.

Call on us (pay us a visit/ come to us) for a house-warming party next Saturday.
To paper the walls.
to whitewash the ceiling
to lay out flower beds around the house.
arch door
stained-glass window
to change / put in / screw in a bulb
Oak, birch, maple, pine, beech.
To step over the threshold
bedside table, chest of drawers
suite of furniture
Household appliances
I prefer an electrical cooker (electric fryer / electric griddle plate) to a gas one (gas fryer, gas heater, gas range).
I recently bought silk curtains for my bedroom; they match the wallpaper quite well.
There are all modern conveniences in the house: central heating, electricity, hot running water.
They say a new walnut set of cushioned (upholstered) furniture was purchased for the club.
A stubborn, arrogant boastful person
A flexible, tactful, discreet person
Slacker/ idler / loafer
A hardworking, persistent, witty person
She is a hard person to deal with; she is very touchy and capricious (fickle, fretful).
He has got an inconsistent (contradictory; discrepant) character, but, above all (most importantly), he is a loyal (faithful) friend and he can always be relied on.

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