1 Write sentences in Passive Voice with the same meaning They should have cleaned the windows

1.Write sentences in Passive Voice with the same meaning.
They should have cleaned the windows.
The windows should have been cleaned by them.
I could hear the music from far away.
The music could be heard from far away.
Has someone repaired the machine?
Has the machine been repaired by anybody?
I’m not going to the party. No one invited me.
I wasn’t invited to the party, that is why I’m not going there.
They didn’t tell Jim about the change of plans.
The changes of plans weren’t told by them to Jim.
I will send the letter by fax.
The letter will be sent by fax.
Mrs. White runs this hotel.
This hotel is run by Mrs. White.
He might take us to the airport in this car.
We might be taken by him to the airport in this car.

2. Complete the sentences using must, should, be able to, have to, would in the appropriate form.
1. The boy fell into the river and we had to rescue him.
2. Brian has got three houses, six cars, a yacht and a helicopter. He must have a lot of money.
3. Would you like a cup of coffee?
4. Do you work? – No, I’m extremely rich so I shouldn’t work.
5. You have a bad cold. I think you should stay at home this evening.
6. You have to be more patient with the child.
7. He must/will be able to be here tomorrow.
8. Though it is likely to rain, but who knows, if the weather would be fine tomorrow.

3. Complete the sentences using the Gerund of the verbs in brackets.
1. Learning rules without examples is useless.
2. It has been a pleasure having shown you the sights of my native town.
3. He was to spend three days at home before going back to the farm.
4. The book was brought for reading and discussing.
5. In spite of being busy he did all he could help her.

4. Supply Participle I or Participle II for the verb in brackets.
1. If told what to do they will certainly try to help you.
2. The effect of her words was terrifying.
3. After the death of her husband she was broken.
4. When invited he always comes on time.
5. Though had started rather late they arrived at the appointed place on time.

5.Translate into English using Passive Voice.
1. О нем всегда говорят тепло. – He is always spoken with warmness.
2. Документы не готовы к отправке. – The documents are not prepared for the shipping.
3. Когда мы приехали, номер в гостинице уже был заказан. – When we arrived, the room in the hotel had already been ordered.
4. Он сказал, что никогда там не был, но что ему много рассказывали об этом месте. – He said, he had never been there, but this place had been told a lot to him about.
5. Когда он вернется, все в его комнате будет сделано. – When he returns, everything in his room will have been done.
6. Ей показалось, что над ней смеются. – It seemed to her that she was being laughed at.
7. Эту книгу сейчас переводят на русский язык. – This book is being translated into Russian now.
8. Что объясняли группе, когда вы присоединились к ним? – What was the group being explained, when you joined them?
9. Этот дом уже построили. – This house has been built already.
10. Мы еще не знали своих оценок, потому что наши контрольные проверялись, когда мы уходили из института. – We didn’t know our marks, because our control tests were being checked when we were leaving the institute.

6.Use the correct verb form (Past Simple, Present Perfect).
1. They started the company two years ago.
2. He has been the Managing Director of the company since 1990.
3. We haven’t finished the project yet.
4. Our company made a big profit last year.
5. My car has broken down. I won’t be able to meet you at the airport.
6. He bought a new car two weeks ago.
7. Last year we began to manufacture new items of office equipment.
8. He and Mr. Jones have worked already together for 15 years.
9. I haven’t seen them since December.
10. We received a large order yesterday.

7. Change the sentences into Passive.
My partner told me the news yesterday.
The news was told to me by my partner yesterday.
Our company makes good profits every year.
Good profits are made every year by our company.
The secretary will bring him the mail.
The mail will be brought to him by the secretary.
The tourists are filling in the forms.
The forms are being filled in by the tourists.
They were building a new supermarket last August.
A new supermarket was being built by them last August.
We have invited our counterpart to the restaurant.
Our counterpart has been invited to the restaurant by us.

8. Read and translate the letter.
Topic: Damage in transit
Dear Sirs,
We received your consignment of toys this morning (our order # 1506). However, on examining the contents we found that the electric trains packed on one side of case # 3 were badly damaged, and are unsaleable. This case had obviously been struck by a heavy object or dropped and we pointed this out to your local agents who endorsed the receipt «one case side damaged».
No doubt you will take the matter up with shippers; however for the present we should be obliged if you would send us 25 replacement trains Catalogue # 354D. The surveyors report will be forwarded immediately it has been prepared.
Yours faithfully, …

Тема: Повреждение при транспортировке
Уважаемые господа,
Этим утром мы получили вашу партию игрушек (наш заказ №1506). Однако, при проверке содержимого, мы обнаружили, что электропоезда, упакованные с одной стороны ящика №3, были сильно повреждены и не пригодны к продаже. Вероятно, этот ящик был подвержен удару тяжелым предметом или уронен. Мы указали на это вашим местным представителям, которые выписали заключение «одна сторона ящика повреждена».
Несомненно, мы проработаете этот вопрос с перевозчиками, однако сейчас мы будем признательны, если вы отправите нам 25 поездов взамен поврежденных (Каталог №354Д).
Отчет экспертов будет послан сразу же, как будет подготовлен.
С уважением, ………….

9. Translate from Russian into English.
Мне нужно проконсультироваться с юристом.
I need a lawyer’s counsel.
Он нанял нового бухгалтера.
He hired a new accountant.
Я хочу вложить деньги в недвижимость.
I want to invest in realty.
Наше кафе привлекает все больше и больше клиентов.
Our café is attracting more and more clients.
Корпорация может предлагать более высокую заработную плату.
The corporation can offer higher salary.
Мы платим большие налоги.
We pay heavy taxes.
Я намерен занять крупную сумму денег.
I’m going to borrow a great sum of money.
Мелкие производители выпускают большое количество товаров.
Backwarders produce big quantity of goods.
Тщательное исследование рынка необходимо, чтобы гарантировать успех.
The accurate market research is necessary for ensuring the success.
Реклама оказывает сильное влияние на покупателя.
Advertising affects a customer a lot.

10. Change the sentences into Passive.

We sent the inquiry to the ship-building company two weeks ago.
The inquiry to the ship-building company was sent by us two weeks ago.
Our specialists always carry out laboratory tests before placing orders.
Laboratory tests are always carried out by our specialists before placing orders.
I will prepare all the documents tomorrow afternoon.
All the documents will be prepared by me tomorrow afternoon.
The workmen are repairing the road.
The road is being repaired by the workmen.
At that moment their representatives were examining a new car.
A new car is being examined by their representatives at the moment.
They have already paid him for that work.
That work has been already paid for by them.

11. Translate from Russian into English.
Прежде чем выпускать товар, необходимо изучить спрос и предложение.
Before turning out goods, it is necessary to study demand and supply.
Розничный торговец имеет много важных функций.
A retailer has many important functions.
Посредник получает проценты от продаж.
An intermediary gets sale fee.
Потребуется пять лет, чтобы ваш продукт завоевал признание.
It will take 5 years to your product to win spurs.
Государство учреждает коммерческие банки.
The state establishes commerce banks.
Ты получишь хорошую прибыль при продаже этих товаров.
You will get a good profit while selling these goods.
Я не знаком с организационной структурой нашего предприятия.
I am naïve with the organizational structure of your company.
Нам нужно нанять нового служащего.
We need to hire a new worker.
Корпорация может выпускать и продавать акции.
A corporation can issue and sell shares.
Партнерство имеет много преимуществ.
A partnership has many advantages.

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