Часть 1 Задание 1 1 1 2 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 Следует четко занести ответы в таблицы

Часть 1

Задание 1.1., 1.2., 1.5., 1.6., 1.7., 1.8. Следует четко занести ответы в таблицы. Английский вариант текстов этих заданий в материал экзаменационной работы не вносится.
Задание 1.3. Если предложение не содержит грамматической ошибки, необходимо указать Right. Если предложение содержит грамматическую ошибку, необходимо указать Wrong, написать исправленное предложение с выделением исправленного фрагмента.
Wrong. The company is starting to export to other countries.
Задание 1.4., 1.9. Все предложения должны быть переписаны с подстановкой необх следует выделить цветом или подчеркнуть. Предложения должны быть напечатаны или переписаны четким, понятным почерком, без исправлений.
We do business with other countries.
Мы ведем торговлю с другими странами.
Задание 1.5. Выполняется по образцу письменно. Необходимо сопровождать письменным переводом на русский язык.

Часть 2

Задание 2.1., 2.2., 2.3. Следует четко занести ответы в таблицы. Английский вариант текстов этих заданий в материал экзаменационной работы не вносится.
Задание 2.4. Должно быть либо напечатано, либо написано четким, понятным почерком, без исправлений.

Часть 3

Задание 3.1. Перевод текста должен быть выполнен полностью, без сокращений. Возможно приведение нескольких вариантов отдельных фрагментов. Английский вариант текста в материал экзаменационной работы не вносится.
К выполнению заданий надо подходить творчески, особенно к переводу текста. Прежде всего, необходимо ознакомиться с его содержанием и определить общую направленность текста. Затем следует сделать список незнакомых слов, встречающихся в тексте и расположить их в алфавитном порядке, что сэкономит время поиска их русских соответствий в словаре. В качестве третьего этапа целесообразно сконцентрировать внимание на словосочетаниях и грамматических конструкциях, содержащихся в тексте, и – при необходимости – обратится к грамматическим комментариям, находящимся в рекомендуемых учебниках английского языка. После этих предварительных этапов обработки текста можно приступить к его переводу.
В ряде случаев для точной передачи содержания может потребоваться специализированный экономический словарь.
Задание 3.2., 3.3. Следует четко занести ответы в таблицу. Необходимо сопроводить письменным комментарием или ссылкой на текст.
2. A: The trouble is, as more and more are invented, they lose their impact, (par.2, lines 9-10)
B: Some people believe this (par.2, line 6), but it is not necessarily the writer’s opinion.
C/D: There is nothing in the text to support these statements.
одимого элемента и переводом на русский язык.

1. Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises.

1.1. (5 x2 points) A colleague of yours has written a memo and has asked you to check it. In each line there is one wrong word. For each line 1-5, write the correct word in the space.

Example: Your letter should be neat written. ….neatly…


Tourists can enter Sri Lanka without a visa. They may remain for
90 days without payment. Foreigners coming for businesses
purposes can stay for up to 30 days. Any period in exceed of
three months incur a temporary residence tax of Rs 2,500. If
you entry on a tourist visa, you cannot change its status. There
is also a scheme under which professionals who’s expertise is
not available here can obtain a 5-year resident visa.

1. business
2. exceeding
3. incurs
4. enter
5. whose

1.2. (12 x 1 point) Read this magazine article about working as a secretary in Hong Kong. Choose the correct word to fill each gap, from А, В or С below. Write your answers (letters a, b or c) in the boxes.

Secretaries in Hong Kong

Secretaries in Hong Kong work hard. They work a 12-hour day, and are expected to work five and a half days __(1)__week. They need good qualifications, and __(2)__ be able to speak and read English __(3)__ well as Cantonese or Mandarin. Most of __(4)__ are university graduates, so working as a secretary is __(5)__ as a ‘fill in’ job __(6)__ they can find something better.
Most __(7)__ between £17,000 and £22,000 pa, and get__(8)__ more than eleven days’ annual holiday. You really have to work hard __(9)__ your money in Hong Kong! And it is very expensive to live there. Employers provide medical insurance, but it only covers __(10)__ to 50% of the costs. A very small apartment can __(11)__ £2,000 per month rent. Cars are expensive, and petrol is so dear that __(12)__ very well-paid people use public transport.

12. A
A the
even B
B а
also C
C by

1. B
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. C
6. A
7. C
8. C
9. A
10. B
11. A
12. A

1.3. (4 x 1 point) Are the following sentences right or wrong? If wrong, correct them.

If we increase productivity, we will remain profitable.
Provided we will remain profitable, we can invest in our plant.
Unless we invest in the plant, our competitors will overtake us.
If we would ask for a bank loan tomorrow, I’m sure we would get it.

1. right
2. wrong. Provided we remain profitable, we can invest in our plant.
3. right
4. wrong. If we ask for a bank loan tomorrow, I’m sure we would get it.

1.4. (5 x 2 points) Read the exchanges and then write a single sentence containing a clause of purpose. Use one of the following phrases. Translate the sentences into Russian.

so as to in order that so that in order to to

1.A: Why are the distribution channels being changed?
B: To avoid delays at the ports.
2.A: Why do we need to spend so much money?
B: To guarantee a top quality product.
3.A: Why is it necessary to book in advance?
B: We won’t need to worry about space on the ship.
4.A: Why will costs have to be reduced?
B: Then we can have increased profitability.
5.A: What is the red switch for?
B: It switches off the motor in an emergency.

1. The distribution channels are being changed in order to avoid delays at the ports.
Каналы распределения меняются, чтобы избежать задержек в портах.
2. We need to spend so much money so as to guarantee a top quality product.
Нам нужно тратить так много денег, чтобы гарантировать высшее качество продукта.
3. It is necessary to book in advance so that we won’t need to worry about space on the ship.
Необходимо бронировать заранее, чтобы нам не нужно было волноваться о месте на корабле.
4. Costs will have to be reduced in order that then we can have increased profitability.
Затраты нужно будет уменьшить, чтобы мы могли получить больше прибыли.
5. The red switch is to switch off the motor in an emergency.
Красный выключатель для того, чтобы выключить мотор в случае чрезвычайной ситуации.

1.5. (5 x 2 points) Combine the following pairs of sentences using the subordinating marker shown. Translate the sentences into Russian.

Example: More people own computers. The number of manufactures has gone down. (while)
More people own computers, while the number of manufactures has gone down.

We set up a number of quality circles. The purpose was to find out how the quality of our manufacturing processes could be improved. (in order to)
Some of the workers’ ideas were accepted. But others were rejected. (whereas)
Quality improved. Immediately we saw an increase in our customers. (as soon as)
We have consolidated our position. Now we are ready to expand again. (-ing clause)
We made mistakes in the past. We knew less than we know now. (when)

1. We set up a number of quality circles in order to find out how the quality of our manufacturing processes could be improved.
Мы основали ряд кружков качества для того, чтобы выяснить, как можно улучшить качество наших производственных процессов.
2. Some of the workers’ ideas were accepted whereas others were rejected.
Некоторые идеи работников были приняты, тогда как другие были отклонены.
3. As soon as quality was improved, we saw an increase in our customers immediately.
Как только качество было улучшено, мы сразу же увидели увеличение количества клиентов.
4. Having consolidated our position, now we are ready to expand again.
Укрепив нашу позицию, сейчас мы готовы снова расширяться.
5. We made mistakes in the past when we knew less than we know now.
Мы делали ошибки в прошлом, когда мы знали меньше, чем сейчас.

1.6. (8 x 1 point) Match each verb on the left with a noun on the right to form common partnerships. Use each word once only. Write your answers (letters a, b … or h) in the boxes.

1. effective a) communication
2. financial b) difficulties
3. high c) investment
4. introductory d) offer
5. skilled e) priority
6. sound f) property
7. vacant g) range
8. wide h) workers

1. a
2. b
3. e
4. d
5. h
6. c
7. f
8. g

1.7. (8 x 2 points) Complete each sentence with the opposite of the word in brackets. Choose from the following list. Use each word once only. You must use the correct form of the verb.

lose lower strengthen agree
increase expand keep complicate

We _______ a lot of money on that last deal. (MAKE)
Did he _______ his appointment with that journalist? (MISS)
They say the banks are going to _______ interest rates. (RAISE)
I think this move will _______ the deficit. (REDUCE)
Won’t the new clocking-in system _______ things? (SIMPLIFY)
Getting outside finance can only _______ our position. (WEAKEN)
Ship-building has _______ in this area over the years. (DECLINE)
He _______ that the company was in trouble. (DENY)

1. lost
2. keep
3. lower
4. increase
5. complicate
6. strengthen
7. expanded
8. agreed

1.8. (8 x 1point) Choose the correct word for each sentence. Write the words in the boxes.

Lawyers here only get their fee/wages if they win the case.
The income/salary from the investment is £52,000 a year.
She took her case to an industrial/industrious tribunal.
Unfortunately we have mislaid/misled the original invoice.
The secretary made notes/notices of what was said at the meeting.
The overtake/takeover bid from Jenkins came as a complete surprise.
Please send me your latest catalogue and price/prize list.
We’ve increased produce/productivity by 10% in this factory.

1. wages
2. income
3. industrial
4. mislaid
5. notes
6. takeover
7. price
8. productivity
1.9. (7 x 2 points) Complete each sentence with the correct form of ‘take’ and a word from the list below. Use each word once only. Translate the sentences into Russian.
up charge
over risk
down seriously
If the boss is ill, who’ll take the chair at the meeting?
Если босс заболеет, кто будет председательствовать на встрече?

He didn’t seem to take the threat of redundancy very seriously.
Казалось, он не воспринял угрозу сокращения очень серьезно.

Don’t take this up, Angela. I’m just thinking aloud.
Не подхватывай это, Анжела. Я просто думаю вслух.

In 1988 we were taken over by a large multi-national company.
В 1988 году мы были поглощены большой многонациональной компанией.

Mrs. Jenkins has been appointed to take charge of our Canterbury branch.
Миссис Дженкинс была назначена для осуществления контроля над нашим отделением в Кентербери.

I’m not sure if there is a market for this kind of product but you don’t get anywhere without taking a risk now and again.
Я не уверен, что для такого типа продукта есть рынок сбыта, но вы ничего не получите, не рискуя иногда.

They decided not to take down the option, so we had to look around for other potential purchasers.
Они решили не приобретать опцион, поэтому нам пришлось искать других возможных покупателей.

2. Business Communication. Telephoning and Business Letters.

2.1. (6 x 2 points) Choose the best responses. Write your answers in the boxes.

1. Can we make an appointment?
When are you free?
Shall we make a reservation?
Is it difficult for us to meet?
2. I’m tied up on Monday and Tuesday.
What about Wednesday?
I’ll come on Monday, then.
Oh, I’m sorry to hear it.
3. Has this messed up your arrangements again?
My desk is always in a mess.
These things happen.
Yes, I always arrange things like this.
4. Did the conference run smoothly?
Yes, we finished much later than usual.
Yes, it went very quickly.
Yes, it was very well organised.
5. I’ve drafted the letter to Ms Clayton.
Oh good, I’ll send it this morning.
Right, I’ll check it straight away.
Did you keep a top copy?
6. Can you get on to him about the report?
Yes, I’ll send him a copy.
I’ll ring him immediately.
I’ll tell him when I see him.
1. A
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. B
2.2. (9 x 1point) Complete these two conversations with sentences from the list below. Use each sentence only once. Write your answers (letters A, B … or I) in the boxes.
A: Carstairs Ltd.
B: Could I speak to Mr. Cooper, please? Ray Cooper.
A: _______1_______
B: I’m ringing from Computer Sales Ltd. We’d like to order some A42 printers.
A: _______2_______
B: _______3_______
A: Oh yes, until the end of the year.
B: _______4_______
A: You’ve done business with us before, haven’t you?
B: Yes, and this is our second order for this type of printer.
A: _______5_______
B: _______6_______ .
A: Oh, we don’t normally go over 10%.
B: _______7_______
A: I see. Well, I’d better confirm that with him.
B: _______8_______
A: Yes, Computer Sales Ltd, you said. And your name is … ?
B: Fowles, Trevor Fowles.
A: _______9_______
I see. How many would you like?
We’re thinking in terms of 12.5%. How does that sound?
Yes, do that and then perhaps you’ll call me back.
Right, Mr. Fowles. You’ll be hearing from us later in the morning.
But we had 7.5% last time, and Mr. Winchester said it would be 5% higher for a repeat order.
What discount would you offer on an order for 100?
That’s good. We give a better discount on a repeat order.
Well, it depends on your terms. Is your May price list still valid?

1. G
2. A
3. I
4. F
5. H
6. B
7. E
8. C
9. D

2.3. (16 x 2 points) Below you will see parts of three letters concerned with a delay in fulfilling an order. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B … or P) in the boxes.

apologise for
deter further delay
obliged passed
promised delivery
regret the delay

On 8th October I sent you an order for a __(1)__ of five computer programs which you had advertised in the October __(2)__ of ‘Computer World’.
Although your advertisement __(3)__ within 28 days, 6 weeks have now __(4)__ and I have still not received the programs. You must have received my order as the £701 paid by cheque has been __(5)__ from my bank account.
Would you please look into this __(6)__ for me and send my order without __(7)__.

Two weeks ago I sent you a letter inquiring about my order of 8th October for five computer programs which had not arrived.
I have received no __(8)__ to my letter and the programs have still not been delivered. I must ask you, therefore, either to send my order immediately or to __(9)__ my payment of £70.
I hope I shall not be __(10)__ to take this matter any further.

Thank you for your letter of November 23rd. We __(11)__ in __(12)__ your order for the five computer programs.
Unfortunately, we had problems with our new computerised system for __(13)__ with orders and, as a result, your order was __(14)__ .
We have enclosed the five programs you ordered together with an extra disk which we hope will go some way to making up for the delay.
Once again we __(15)__ the inconvenience. We hope that it will not __(16)__ you from doing business with us in the future.

1. P
9. M
2. G
10. J
3. L
11. N
4. K
12. D
5. C
13. B
6. H
14. I
7. F
15. A
8. O
16. E

2.4. (30 points) Read this letter of complaint from one of your customers.

Dear Sir or Madam
Our Order Number 8044P
On 13 May, we ordered six packs of A4 photocopy paper and one bottle of printer’s ink from you. When we received this order, we found that the bottle was broken, and that the ink from the bottle had damaged all six packs of paper.
We should be grateful if you would replace these items, or arrange to credit us with their value.
Yours faithfully
Ann Ray, Office Manager

Write a reply to your customer
—thanking him for his letter
—saying what you are going to do about his complaint
—promising better service in future.

Write 50-60 words.

Dear Mrs. Ray
Your Order Number 8044P
Thank you for your letter. We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your order. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are ready to replace the damaged items and arrange the delivery immediately. Also we can offer you a discount for your next order. We promise you our best service in future and hope for our future successful cooperation.
Best regards,
John Smith, Sales Department

3. Reading.

3.1. (30 points) Read the text below about people who start their own business. Translate the text into Russian.
Starting your own company
What makes managers give up their high salary, company car and pension, and risk everything in order to set up on their own? A recent UK survey of self-employed entrepreneurs has come up with a number of reasons.
1. Although money is a great motivator, it is only part of the answer. Very few self- employed entrepreneurs can earn what they received in a large company, at least in the first few years. They invest any extra cash in their business, rather than in expensive cars, houses or holidays. Probably the most important part of the answer has to do with being in charge. In the US, people who want to make a million don’t care whether they own 5% or 10% of the company, but in the UK, entrepreneurs want 100% ownership: they want to control their company and to make all the decisions themselves.
2. Most large companies do not know how to make the best use of clever people. Employees who criticise the old ways of doing things and want to try out new ideas are disliked both by their colleagues and by their bosses. Comments like ‘They wouldn’t listen to me’ or ‘I kept presenting new product ideas, only to hear nothing’ are typical of many a manager-turned-entrepreneur. All of this causes frustration, which can quickly lead to boredom. Often, middle managers start to think: ‘Only another 30 more years of working my way to retirement.’ At this point, they want to find a way out.
3. They need to get away from a job that is no longer attractive. So they decide to set up on their own. But they need something else, too: the challenge of taking risks. They are like people who climb a mountain by the most dangerous route. Entrepreneurial types need to try out new things without knowing whether they will succeed or fail. They also want to prove that they can make it without big company support.
4. As well as motivation, most successful entrepreneurs have a number of personal characteristics in common. The first is self-confidence, the feeling of certainty that you have got the skills, knowledge and energy to build up your own business. There is also stubbornness, the determination to prove to the boss who rejected your ideas that they were good ideas which can be made to work. Possessing this quality means that you won’t give up: you have to make your ideas work.

Основание собственной компании
Что заставляет руководителей отказываться от их высоких зарплат, машины от компании и пенсии и рисковать всем, чтобы открыть собственное дело? В Великобритании недавний опрос индивидуальных предпринимателей показал ряд причин.
1. Хотя деньги – это великий мотиватор, они только часть ответа. Очень небольшое количество индивидуальных предпринимателей могут заработать столько, сколько получали в большой компании, по крайней мере, в первые несколько лет. Они вкладывают любые дополнительные деньги в свой бизнес, а не в дорогие машины, дома или отпуск. Возможно, самая важная часть ответа относится к несению ответственности. В США людям, которые хотят заработать миллион, не важно, владеют ли они 5% или 10% компании, однако в Великобритании предприниматели хотят иметь 100% право собственности: они хотят контролировать свою компанию и самостоятельно принимать все решения.
2. Большинство крупных компаний не знают, как наилучшим образом использовать умных людей. Сотрудники, которые критикуют старые способы выполнения

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