Ex 1 p 70 Canada is the world’s second largest country It is located to the north of the USA and stretches across six time zones

Ex.1, p.70
Canada is the world’s second largest country. It is located to the north of the USA and stretches across six time zones. Canada has got a population of approximately 32 million that consists of many different nationalities: there is an English-speaking majority but there is also a large French speaking minority in Quebec.
The climate is varied: the north has got a polar climate, but on the Pacific coast around Vancouver there are warm winters, where temperatures rarely fall below zero. There are many attractions for tourists. Canada has got some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. There are mountains, great plains, and many rivers, along which most of the big cities are located. There are lots of things for twenty million visitors a year who come to Canada to do.
Ex.2, p.70
Where is Canada located?
What population has it got?
What is the climate in Canada like?
What attractions are there?
Where are the big cities located?
How many visitors come to Canada every year?

Ex.3, p.70
Hi Julie.
Well, here I am in Australia. We stay in Sydney at the moment, which is located in the south- east. It’s just great! There are so many things to do. It has got night-clubs, restaurants, and there are some fascinating tourist attractions. I took a group to the Sydney Harbour Bridge today, which was fantastic, because you could enjoy some great views. I’ve got a great group- they were enjoying the trip, and I think they like me as well. Tomorrow we are flying to Alice Springs and then to Ayers Rock, which is lying in the centre of Australia. The weather is very hot there. You can do so much in this wonderful country. Our brochure is right. Australia offers everything under the sun!
Bye, Angela
I have to enjoy wearing uniform.
I have to be able working as a part of a team
I have to be good at speaking on the telephone
I have to know how using a computer
I have to be willing working long hours
Sometimes I have to work night shift.
Occasionally I have to work at the hotel on the beach.

Ex. 2
2. Do you have an ability to work as part of a team?
3. Have you know good telephone manner?
4. Have you got knowledge of computers?
5. Are you ready to work nights one week in four?
Ex. 3
Do you have a good salary?
6. How often do you work overtime?
7. How often do you make translations?
Ex. 4
2. In the morning I usually work at airport check-in-desk, but this week I’ m going to gym
3. I usually have lunch in staff canteen, but this week I am having it with friends or family
4. In the afternoon sometimes I work in departure lounge, but this week I am going shopping.
5. In the evening I usually watch TV, but this week I am going out with my friends.
6. When I work, I always go to bed at 10 p.m, but this week I am going to bed in the midnight.

Ex. 1, p.72
In what area do you specialize?
What do you offer?
Are such tours available only for adults?
What type of tour is it?
What type of hotels do you use?
What is the sum of the standard commission?

Ex.2, p.72
On Saturday
At 10 o’clock
For/at breakfast
On 14 August
At 6 a.m.
Next week
In this afternoon
In a year’s time
on Christmas
In 2008
For a long time
At the weekend
In the winter
In two weeks
On my birthday
In the evening
For three years
In 13.00

Ex. 3, p. 72
Does the tour only leave ON Friday?
Is it true the tour lasts FOR six days?
When does the coach arrive TO the hotel in Vilnius?
AT what time they serve dinner?
We leave the hotel in Vilnius in the morning AT 8 a.m. Is that correct?
How long does it take from Vilnius to Riga?
What time in the afternoon do we check in AT the hotel in Riga?
Does the tour operate IN winter as well as in summer?
Is there a special tour ON Christmas?
Do your prices increase next year?

Ex.1, p.74
Why do I need a visa?
To d) get into the country
Why can’t I smoke on the plane?
Because f) it is not allowed
Why must I open my suitcase?
Because of i) a security check
Why should I listen to the safety announcement?
In case b) there’s an emergency
Why is check-in taking so long?
Because of a staff shortage.
Why can’t I get on the flight?
Because a) it’s full
Why do you want to see my boarding card?
To check you‘re j) in the right seat
Why are you travelling to Brussels?
For c) pleasure
Why do I need the phone number of the hotel?
In case you h) get lost and need to phone me.
Why is the flight late?
Because of g) a delay in loading the baggage

Ex. 2, p.74
1.The graph shows that the number of international arrivals has risen dramatically since 1950
2.From 1950 to 1960 the number of international tourist arrivals had grown steadily
3.Between 1950 and 2000 the figure had increased sharply.
4.In the present day the number of arrivals continues to grow dramatically
5.By 2020 the figure will be 1580 million.

Ex.1, p.76
What is your contact no?
Have you booked with us before?
May be you want the same destination?
What type of holiday do you want?
Do you have exact dates?
What length of stay do you want?
What is the size of party?
What accommodation type do you want?
Ex. 2, p. 76
1.Why not the beach vacation? We have an excellent offer- a beach holiday in the Caribbean. It is rather quiet and very romantic place. I think it will be perfect for celebrating your first wedding anniversary.
2.How about an adventure holiday trekking in the Himalayas? There you can see different animals, cycling, see amazing sceneries. This place is a perfect place for children.
3.If you choose a one-month inter-rail holiday travelling around Europe by train, you will be delight. During this trip you will see a lot of sightseeing, see a bit of culture and have a perfect time and holiday!
4.Have you ever visited New York? I think a weekend in a five-star hotel in New York will be a perfect place to celebrate such successful year.
5.Your wish is clear. What do you think about a weekend break in Prague? It is a wonderful city with plenty of beautiful places, museums, parks. I think it is a perfect place for you.

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