Контрольная работа по дисциплине «Деловые переговоры и деловая переписка на английском языке» 2014-2015 учебный год Преподаватель – Е

Контрольная работа по дисциплине
«Деловые переговоры и деловая переписка на английском языке»
2014-2015 учебный год

Преподаватель – Е.Е. Белова

I. Представьте, что к Вам в компанию приехал представитель английской фирмы. Выполните следующие действия и запишите получившиеся фразы:
а) Good afternoon! How do you do? Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Midina. I’m a vice-president of the company. This is Mary Jonson, our manager. This is Bill Power, a director of HR department.
б) We would like to know, what company you present. What is your position? Where do you come from?
в) Would you like to have a cup of tea/coffee? / a glass of jus?
г) We would be glad to arrange a meeting tomorrow at 11 a.m. if the time is comfortable for you. Good bye!

John G. Smith
Financial Director

9 North Road, Brighton, BN1 5JF, England
Phone: (0273) 543359 Fax: (0273) 559364

II. Познакомьтесь с визитной карточкой и письменно ответьте на следующие вопросы:

This is the card of John G. Smith.
He is a financial director.
He is from Continental Equipment Company.
He is from Brighton.
His telephone number is (0273) 543359.
The address of his company is 9 North Road, Brighton, BN1 5JF, England.

III. Какими должны быть Ваши ответы на следующие, обращенные к Вам реплики (фразы запишите):

How do you do?
How do you do?

Glad to meet you.
Glad to meet you too.

Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.

Good morning.
Good morning.



How are you getting on?
Fine, thanks. And you?

How are you?
I’m fine, thank you. And you?

Would you like a cup of coffee?
Yes please, that would be lovely.

Thank you very much.
You are welcome!

IV. Представьте, что Вам звонит Ваш деловой партнер из Англии. Выполните следующие действия (фразы запишите):

— What company do you work for?
— Accept my apologies, please, but at this moment I’m very busy. Could you call me later, please?
— Where do you call from?
— Could you tell me your phone number and dialing code, please?
— I will call you back in two hours.

V. Представьте, что Вам звонит из Англии Ваш деловой партнер, который собирается приехать к Вам в командировку. Выполните следующие действия (фразы запишите):

— What is the date of your arrival?
— What time is your flight? I will meet you at the airport.
— Would you like us to reserve a room in the hotel? Have a nice trip!
— I’d like to book double room for 4 days from Tuesday, 18 November through Friday 21 November.

VI. Где, по Вашему мнению, должны стоять эти выражения: в начале (В), в конце (С) письма или могут использоваться в обоих случая (ВС). Распределите и запишите фразы по графам следующей таблицы:

c) in response to
i) this is to inform you
l) in accordance with
j) as you may recall
g) effective from June 15 a) feel free to contact
b) please don’t hesitate
e) get in touch
k) as soon as possible
m) further to
o) would be appreciated
f) at your earliest convenience p) I enclose
n) thank you for
h) may be able to help you
d) once again


Вы собираетесь в командировку в Эдинбург. Пошлите факс (деловое письмо) на фирму Blake & Co, господину Henry Smith по адресу: 10 Garden St.; уведомьте его о своем прибытии (дата, номе поезда, вагон, время прибытия) и попросите, чтобы Вас встретили.

To: Henry Smith
Blake & Co
10 Garden St., Edinburgh, Great Britain
From: Anna Midina
Fax №: 650031005
Date: 23 March 2015

Dear Mr Smith,
This is to confirm my business trip on 8 April 2015, the train number is 52098, the wagon № 08, the arrival time is 17.23.
I should be grateful if you could me this day.
If you need any other information, please, contact me as soon as possible.
Respectfully yours,
Anna Midina

VIII. В диалоге расставьте по местам приведенные ниже вопросы так, чтобы они соответствовали ответам.

Susan. Grand Tour Agency. Susan Sharp speaking.
Hans. Hello, Susan. This is Hans Bradly. I need to send two of our sales managers to Rome next week. What are the options?
Susan. OK. When do they plan to leave?
Hans. Monday October 14th .
Susan. And if you want to book a return flight I must ask you: how long are they staying?
Hans. Four days. They would like to come back on the night of the 17th. Are there any British Airways flights about that time?
Susan. Let me have a look. There is a flight at 8.50 p.m. with British Airlines.
Hans. Are there any seats available?
Susan. Fortunately, there are. I’ve just called it up on the screen. Shall I reserve
you two right now ?
Hans. Yes, please. And make it Business Class, OK? When will the tickets come?
Susan. In three or four days. I’ll send them to you as soon as they arrive.

IX. Составьте письмо-запрос в адрес английской компании:

Jackson Brothers3487 23rd StreetNew York, NY 12009
Anna Midina
Administrative DirectorMen’s Style 69/2 Koroleva StreetOdessa, Ukraine

March 23, 2015

Dear Mr Bear,

In Men’s Health, I’ve seen the advertising of men’s suits produced by your company. Therefore, I would like to order a batch of goods in quantity of 200 items. We would be also grateful to know its price under the delivery conditions of CIF Odessa. We inform you that if the price and quality is suitable, we could further make large orders.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Anna Midina
Administrative Director
X. Представьте себе телефонную беседу с фирмой-партнером. Ответьте на поставленные вопросы:

a) Have you received our shipment of tyres?
Yes, we have received them. Thank you.

b) When did they arrive?
They arrived last week, on Wednesday.

c) Are all the things you ordered included?
Yes, we have received a complete order.

d) Did you get the invoice too?
Yes, we did.

e) Have you paid the invoice for the last shipment yet?
Yes, we have already paid it.

f) But why haven’t I got the record of the payment?
I think you have to wait, because we have just sent it before weekends and it must come at one of these work days.

g) Does the amount of the invoice correspond to what you ordered?
No, not exactly. We would like to ask you to verify the invoice and to cover the difference
h) Is it necessary for us to give you a credit note to cover the difference?
Yes, please. We would be grateful.

i) Will you be paying the new invoice immediately?
Yes, we will pay it as soon as possible.

j) Can you send the cheque before the end of the month?
Otherwise our accounts department is considering changing the conditions of payment.
Yes, of course, no problems. Anyway, we send all our post before the end of the month.

XI. Переведите на английский язык следующий диалог в банке.

— May I cash a traveler’s cheque?
— Yes of course. Your passport, please.
— Here you are.
— Thank you, everything is all right. How much money do you want to get?
— 250 pounds. I need also exchange 50 pounds to dollars. What is the exchange rate?
— 0.605, it is rather profitable. Here you are, please, your pounds and also 30 dollars and 25 cents.
— Thank you. Where do I have to sign?

XII. В приведенном ниже диалоге один из собеседников был невежлив. Исправьте реплики этого человека и запишите их в вежливой форме.

Mr Simpson. Hello. May I speak to Mr. Ward please?
Mr Ward. Good afternoon. Yes, wait a moment, please.
Mr Simpson. Could you put me through to Mr Ward?
Mr Ward. Charles Ward speaking.
Mr Simpson. Good morning. This is Gary Simpson.
Mr Ward. Good morning. There are some problems on the line. Could you repeat who’s speaking, please?
Mr Simpson. This is Gary Simpson of Grant & Clark speaking.
Mr Ward. Ah, good morning, Mr. Simpson. May I help you?
Mr Simpson. Could we make an appointment to discuss our contract? Will you
be available next Monday?
Mr Ward. Oh, I’m sorry. Next Monday I’m very busy.
Mr Simpson. Oh, that’s a pity. How about this Friday or next Tuesday?
Mr Ward. Yes, that would be great. Both Tuesday and Friday are fine, so decide which you prefer the most.

XIII. В приведенном ниже диалоге поставьте глаголы в правильную форму.

Mr Hunt, the manager of a small company producing bathroom showers is speaking to his very important customer, Mr Benedetto, the manager of a hotel.
Mr Benedetto. Well, I’m giving one last chance. Look at this order again. No more mistakes. You last delivered the showers which I hadn’t even ordered.
Mr Hunt. Oh, do forgive me. We will never repeat that.
Mr Benedetto. I hope so. But remember. I would like to stress that I
must get this order by Thursday next week. It is very
important. I cannot accept any other delivery time.
Mr Hunt. Sure, sir. We will send it in time. We always deliver your
orders in time, don’t we?
Mr Benedetto. No, you don’t. Once I received an order with a delay of two
months. Besides, packing should be excellent.
Mr Hunt. Certainly. I guess you will agree that this is one thing we
always do before.
Mr Benedetto. But twice my surname was written Bereditto by your people.
Mr Hunt. Oh, I am so sorry. This time I will write myself your name
Mr Benedetto. One last thing. Call me on Tuesday and inform about
the state of the order.
Mr Hunt. Right, I will phone you myself. The goods will definitely
come to right address and at the time you need them.

XIV. Представьте, что Вы разговариваете по телефону со своим деловым партнером из Англии. Сформулируйте и запишите ответы на его реплики:

Your partner. Good afternoon, Mr Ivanov. We’ve written to you several times
detailing our complaint, but haven’t received your reply yet.
You. Good afternoon, Mr Smith. I’m really sorry. I considered your
complaint very carefully, but I haven’t written a response as I’ve
been very busy these days.
Your partner. We are a very awkward position now. We haven’t received the
shipment which was supposed to arrive two weeks ago.
You. How well I understand you! But the shipment delay is not our
fault, believe us. To my mind, it happened because of stormy
weather last days and may be, our department had to wait for
better time to launch the navigation again.
Your partner. When will the shipment be ready for dispatch?
You. The goods will be shipped on or before Friday.
Your partner. If we don’t receive the shipment by the end of next week,
we’ll cancel the order.
You. Please accept my apologies. I assure you that this time you will
receive the shipment in time.
XV. Составьте письмо в адрес английской компании, которая поставила Вам партию мужских костюмов, изложив в нем следующие претензии:
Wilson & Co.52nd London Avenue Edinburgh, Great Britain 34049
Re: Order No 235
Dear Sirs,
We acknowledge receipt of your order of 7 February. We regret having to complain of some grave defects in the men’s suits delivered by you. We have examined the goods in the damaged cases and find that we cannot use them as:
1) 6 suits don’t have 1 or 3 buttons;
2) 2 suits have textile damages;
3) 3 suits have paint spots.
Therefore, we would like to know by means of which transport we could send you defective suits back and what date we should expect their exchange.
Yours sincerely,
Anna Midina,
Delivery Department Administrator

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