Your friend Emily is rather well-off She works as a brand manager with the annual salary of about $40

Your friend Emily is rather well-off. She works as a brand manager with the annual salary of about $40,000. She had a happy childhood (though being a single a single child in the family she is a bit spoilt) and never experienced financial problems. Still she has a bad habit that annoys some of her friends very much. When she does the shopping in huge supermarkets or hypermarkets she usually steals some trifle like a pack of chewing gum or a chocolate bar. You are in a supermarket and you see she’s just stolen a pack of candies.
Answer the questions:
What would you do? I’ll tell Emily that she had done wrong. She is offender. Besides, she has money; she can buy this puck of candles. There is no need to steal.
Would you talk to her, pretend you saw nothing, pay for the stolen article, etc.? I’ll talk to her about wrongness of her actions, because she is my friend.
How would you call her behavior? Her behavior is called kleptomania.
Would your attitude to this person change? If she will get rid of her habit, I’ll very happy for Emily. If she continues to steal, I’ll try to change her habit. Also I’ll talk with her parents about it.

Part 2
That time you told her nothing, the next time she did it you asked her about her behavior but it did not help. Emily just replied she was not stealing, she just checked the security system o the shop. Once you went shopping and as usual she stole a bottle of beer. Unfortunately that action was not left unnoticed and you both were detained by the shop’s security guards.
Answer the questions:
Are their actions legitimate? From my point of view, their actions aren’t legitimate, because the shop’s security guards aren’t allowed to detain us without sufficient grounds. They should call the police which can inspect and detain people.
What might the penalty be? In my opinion, the penalty might be in the form of fivefold of cost of the stolen property or in the form of administrative detention for a period to 15 days.
Is it fair that they detained you too? On the one hand, it isn’t unfair because I didn’t make anything wrong. On the other hand I saw that Emily had stolen but I hadn’t stopped her.

по дисциплине
«Иностранный язык в сфере юриспруденции»

№ п/п Содержание вопроса Варианты ответа
1 Don’t stay at this hotel. It’s … in our city.

a) had; b) worse; c) the worst
2 Whose magazine is this? It’s … . a) my; b) mine; c) me
3 Moscow is … city of our country.

a) larger; b) more large; c) the largest
4 When the director … back I’ll tell him about Black and C’s offer. a) come; b) comes; c) will come
5 A customs officer asked us ___anything to declare.

a) if we had
b) if had we got
c) if we have got
6 The barrrister had already left when I … to see him.

a) come; b) came; c) had come
7 Rossexport will make payment … 10 days.

a) for; b) during; c)within
8 The director … the catalogues at two o’clock yesterday.

a) looked through; b) was looking through; c) were looking through
9 We’ve received two offers this month, one is for compressors Model 25, … is for Model 29. a) others; b) another; c) the other
10 We didn’t like the machine they offered us and asked them to show us … . a) other; b) another; c) the other
11 You’ll … stay in the office late tomorrow.

a) must; b) can; c) have to
12 We … to reserve accommodation for Mr. Brown tomorrow.

a) can; b) could; c) will be able
13 I … the words for an hour, but I still don’t remember them.

a) am learning; b) had learned; c) have been learning
14 He … the manager since 10 o’clock.

a) is waiting for; b) was waiting for; c) has been waiting for
15 The Hamiltons enjoyed … during the camping holidays. 29

a) them; b) themselves; c)their
16 They … terms of payment before they signed the contract.

a) discussed; b) have discussed; c) had discussed
17 Where ______ Latin ______ in the past?

a) is…spoken
b) was…spoken
c) will…be spoken
18 Mr. Blake said they usually … goods on CIF terms.

a) sell; b) sold; c) have sold
19 Mr. Bell said he … to Moscow the previous month.

a) fly; b) flew; c) had flown
20 Mr. Smith said their plane … take off on time tomorrow. a) will; b) would; c) should
21 The new Judge … about.

a) has talked; b) is talked; c) talked
22 At the Customs I … to open my suit-case.

a) ask; b) was asking; c) was asked
23 The letter … to the manager half an hour ago.

a) was given; b) gives; c) gave
24 The contract … two days ago.

a) is signed; b) will be signed; c) was signed
25 Mr. Dean … me a new job.

a) offered; b) was offered; c) had offered

НОУ ВПО Сибирский институт бизнеса и информационных технологий

Кафедра социально-гуманитарных дисциплин и иностранных языков

по дисциплине «Иностранный язык в сфере юриспруденции»

специальность (направление)_______________________ _________
курс, группа_______________________________________________
форма обучения (очная/заочная)______________________________

1 C
2 B
3 Cc
4 C
5 C
6 B
7 B
8 B
9 C
10 A
11 C
12 C
13 C
14 C
15 B
16 A
17 B
18 A
19 B
20 A
21 B
22 C
23 A
24 C
25 A

Форма контроля – экзамен

Количество правильных ответов Оценка


18 — 22

15 — 17

14 и менее

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